Why do you need my eBuy password?

We gather information from the eBuy site on your behalf. We cannot supply information to you that you are not entitled to and will not disclose information to another party that is reserved for your use.
The information you are entitled to view and collect is defined by eBuy. Our system of information retrieval and distribution depends on your password to collect the correct information.

If it's a free trial, why do you need my credit card?

Because we utilize your GSA eBuy login to gather your GSA eBuy data it is very important to verify who you are. By validating a credit card we know that we can effectively eliminate anyone trying to tamper with your GSA account through QuikFuse. You will not be billed until after your free trial is completed.

Why don't I simply get my own information?

You can--we don’t do anything that you should not already be doing for yourself. In fact, we initially developed QuikFuse for our own use so we wouldn’t have to log in, find, download and remember to bid on eBuy opportunities. It just so happens that our clients love it so much and everyone we talked to wanted to use it. The fact that we archive the RFQ, Quote and Award information for your schedule contract, we collate and organize the information into a cohesive package is designed to assist your decision making when deciding whether to pursue an RFQ with your bid. We just do it faster, easier and more accurately than you can do it yourself.

Will you make bids on my behalf?

QuikFuse is a notification engine and tracking mechanism for what gets submitted, it doesn’t provide a method for submission. We recommend you contact isiFederal 888-9-GET-isi if you need help with bid submissions, crosschecking for errors and anything else that is business development oriented.

Who does the data belong to?

Technically, as per GSA regulations, all GSA eBuy information belongs to the US Government. They give you access to it, you give us access to it on your behalf, we collect it and aggregate it and we give you access to the new improved version of the data. So in application, it belongs to whoever is given permission to access it.

See what your email will look like - Sample email PDF

Watch QuikFuse Video Overview https://youtu.be/zIR4J-8JG8Y.

How does the 500% guarantee work?

We not only want you to use QuikFuse™, we want QuikFuse™ to blow your GSA sales sky high!   If you use QuikFuse for a year (see details here), we will guarantee you will book 500% more (that is 5 times) than you spend on your QuikFuse™ subscription.   Now, you do have to use it to get all your money back… again, see details here.

Terms of use PDF

How do I cancel?

You can cancel at any time for any reason by going to the Contact US page and letting us know you want to cancel.

Have a specific question?

Contact US and we will hop right on it!