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QuikView Dashboard

Providing up to date overview of all eBuy activity. Within seconds you can see your wins, losses, bids, no-bids and upcoming bids due so you can effectively manage your team. By tracking historical trends you will know when things will be popping so you can plan and staff accordingly.

Mobile Compatible

Since QuikFuse uses email and SMS, your mobile device is ready right now to be used for eBuy opportunity review and immediate action. No logins or links are needed because you have the attachments right there at your fingertips.

Multiple Users

Depending on your QuikFuse account, you can assign multiple users so they can see and make decisions based on their rolls in the company. If you need additional users, we can make that work. Just let us know and we will develop a plan especially for you.

Quote Data Archive

GSA eBuy quotes disappear once contracts are awarded. Not with QuikFuse. Your GSA eBuy data is yours for as long as you are a QuikFuse user. At any time you can access old quotes and old responses so you can better understand and plan for future quotes. If you decide to leave us (we will pout excessively) you can take your old data with you including your contacts. Just remember, when you decide to come back (and you know you will) your old quotes will be gone and you will be starting over…

QuoteHound 212

Harassment at its best. If you say you are bidding on a quote, QuoteHound will not let you rest until you do. You will get a friendly reminder email 2 days and 1 day before it is due. The last 8 business hours you will get an ever increasingly urgent reminder every 2 hours until you do what you are supposed to do and submit that bid. Depending on your QuikFuse plan, up to 5 users can be notified so you can stay on top of your response, reach out to the appropriate resources and get that bid in on time!

Email Notifications

The email notification provides everything in your mailbox, straight from eBuy. In fact, it looks just like eBuy except the attachments are right there ready for review. This is a huge time saver – especially in September! Need to notify a team member, partner? No problem. Just forward the email. Need to decide to bid or not? Click “no Bid” and move on. Need to ask a question? The eBuy contact email and phone are right there in front of you.

GSA Schedules

Each QuikFuse account is associated with a single GSA schedule just like GSA eBuy. Now, if you have multiple schedules, we can help there too. You just need to sign up for an additional account and while the workload is the same for us, we do provide a 20% discount for each additional schedule. A deal at any price!


This is a simple click in your email that tells us to tell GSA whether you want to bid or not. This automatically will update your GSA eBuy so your team spends time quoting what you want quoted.

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